A Little Something About The Course

Our digital freelancing course is designed to help individuals build the skills they need to succeed as freelancers in today’s digital landscape.

Days You Will Be Learning

This is a week long programme and will run Monday to Friday.

How Much Is The Course?

This programme will cost £300 per person, if you are a Business Launchpad referee it will be a discounted £210.

Payments & Payments Plans

Payment can be spread as such: 50% before start of the programme and the final 50% the last week of the following month.

What Level Do I Get From This?

This programme will take you from a beginner level and build you up to an intermediate level. You would become an expert by repetition, completing projects and working more with the skills you have learned over time.

How Many People Will Be Learning

These sessions will take place in a group environment and the programme will start when we have a minimum of 5 signups, with the sessions being a maximum of 10 people.

Description About The Course

Whether you’re interested in web development, graphic design, content writing, or social media management, our experienced instructors will provide personalised guidance to help you establish and grow your freelancing business. Our program covers a range of topics, including finding clients, pricing your services, project management, and financial management. We also provide tips for building a strong portfolio and personal brand, as well as networking strategies to help you expand your business. With our digital freelancing course, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a digital freelancer and take control of your career. Topics covered: Introduction to freelancing in the digital age Finding and attracting clients Pricing and quoting projects Project management and time tracking Financial management and invoicing Building a portfolio and personal brand Networking and expanding your business Navigating legal and tax considerations Tools and software for freelancers Managing communication and expectations with clients Personalised guidance from experienced instructors Hands-on projects to apply your skills

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