Our game development program offers a unique opportunity to learn the skills needed to design and create games from scratch.

 Our program is designed for beginners and those with some programming experience, and covers a wide range of topics including game design, graphics, animation, and sound. With hands-on projects and real-world examples, our teachers will guide you through the entire game development process.

You’ll learn how to use popular game engines and programming languages, and have the chance to develop your own games using industry-standard tools. Our game development program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in game design or simply create games for fun.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to game design principles
  • Understanding game engines and their role in game development
  • Overview of the popular game engine Unity
  • Introduction to programming languages used in game development, such as C#, C++, and Python
  • Basic game art and graphic design concepts
  • Working with game assets, animations, and sound effects
  • Building game mechanics and logic
  • Developing game prototypes and testing gameplay mechanics
  • Building a complete game, including game levels, menus, and user interfaces
  • Troubleshooting common game development issues and bugs

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At, we believe that education is not just about learning new things, but also about applying those skills in the real world. That’s why we include an additional 6 months of aftercare, where you can gain both the interpersonal and technical skills needed to break into the tech industry.

Our courses are designed to provide you with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Through our aftercare program, participants will have the opportunity to work on paid projects, gain valuable experience and add to their own portfolio.

We believe that this real-world experience is essential for building confidence and competence in any field, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience. 


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This programme will take you from a beginner level and build you up to an intermediate level. You would become an expert by repetition, completing projects and working more with the skills you have learned over time.

Career Options

Game Programmer

Game programmers are responsible for writing the code that brings a game to life. They work closely with game designers and artists to ensure that the game mechanics and visuals are implemented correctly.

Game Designer

Game designers are responsible for creating the rules, mechanics, story, and overall gameplay experience of a game. They work closely with artists, programmers, and writers to ensure that the game is both fun and engaging.

Game Tester

Game testers play games to identify and report bugs and other issues. They work closely with game designers and programmers to ensure that the game is free of glitches and runs smoothly.


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