Our WordPress website development course is designed to teach you how to create your own website using WordPress, regardless of your previous experience with web development. 

Our WordPress website development course is designed to teach you how to create your own website using WordPress, regardless of your previous experience with web development. Our course offers a comprehensive learning experience, with step-by-step guidance and interactive learning materials to help you understand the entire process of designing and building a professional-quality WordPress website.

From selecting a theme to integrating plugins and customizing content, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create a website that stands out. Additionally, our course offers ongoing support and resources to ensure that you are successful in your web development endeavors. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to WordPress and its benefits for website development
  • Understanding the WordPress dashboard and interface
  • Creating and organising content, including pages, posts, and menus
  • Using media files, such as images and videos, in your website
  • Enhancing website functionality with plugins and widgets
  • Using Elementor to design custom layouts and templates
  • Creating responsive websites that look great on any device
  • Integrating e-commerce functionality into your WordPress website using the plugin WooCommerce

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At, we believe that education is not just about learning new things, but also about applying those skills in the real world. That’s why we include an additional 6 months of aftercare, where you can gain both the interpersonal and technical skills needed to break into the tech industry.

Our courses are designed to provide you with not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Through our aftercare program, participants will have the opportunity to work on paid projects, gain valuable experience and add to their own portfolio.

We believe that this real-world experience is essential for building confidence and competence in any field, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible learning experience. 


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This programme will take you from a beginner level and build you up to an intermediate level. You would become an expert by repetition, completing projects and working more with the skills you have learned over time.

Career paths

WordPress Developer

As a WordPress developer, you will be responsible for creating, maintaining, and customizing WordPress websites for clients. This includes coding, designing, and testing WordPress themes and plugins.

Full-Stack Developer

A WordPress designer is responsible for designing the layout, color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic of a WordPress website. This can include designing custom WordPress themes or modifying existing ones.

WordPress Consultant

As a WordPress consultant, you will provide expert advice and guidance to clients on how to optimize their WordPress websites. This may include reviewing website performance and recommending optimization on WordPress best practices.


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